Cruse Down The Street By Using A Wicker Dog Bike Basket

If you walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to draw you a picture of a dog bike basket, you are most likely going to get a picture of a wicker basket on the front of a bicycle. This design is simply classical and the traditional style for animal carriers on bikes, although it can really be used to carry many other things as well.

Wicker Style & Design Advantages

There are many advantages to choosing this type of basket style. The basic design of woven wood to make wicker results in a very strong product that simply outlasts more modern types of designs that involve plastic or stitched fabric. This means that wicker baskets are simply going to last longer and hold up to more abuse than other products.

We all know that most pets will not just simply sit in one place for a long time without doing something. They will scratch on the sides of a carrier and even chew on them. With stitched fabric, this type of wear and tear can literally destroy a brand new bike carrier in a year or two with regular use, but a wicker basket can stand up to this type of wear and tear for decades.

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Many wicker baskets are deep set, so they offer a lot of stability and safety for your dog. Some of the more modern designs may even have a strap attached that will allow you to secure a pet by their collar so they cannot jump out while the bicycle is moving. The deep set design also makes them great for carrying basically anything else that will fit. It is not very easy to carry things while riding on a bike, so this makes a great alternative use.

Wicker Dog Basket Rear
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Basket Size Limitations

The main downside to using a wicker basket for a dog bike carrier is that it is going to be limited in the size of dog is can safely carry. A lot of extra weight on the bike will make it more difficult to control, and it can cause too much strain on the attachments, which can result in a bent frame. Small and toy sized dogs should be the upper limit on the size of animal that is carried in one of these.

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Although these were originally designed many years ago, there are still manufacturers today that make some great choices for pet owners that are interested in this type of carrier. You can find reviews of our recommendations below.

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