Dog Bike Trailers And Their Benefits

One of the best inventions to come along to carriers for pets is the dog bike trailer. At first glance, a lot of people will think a trailer like this is simply silly. However, it is actually multifunctional, making it great for a number of things.The typical and obvious use is as a bicycle trailer to let a dog ride along with their owner. This is great for a bike ride through the park or even for rides around the city.

In fact, for people that live in heavily populated areas, a trailer offers an extremely safe way to travel with a dog. This is especially the case when compared with a standard leash, since dogs have some degree of freedom to move around on them. Safety is a major factor for pet owners, and this carrier offer exactly that for traveling to many different locations.

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AOSOM Pet TrailersMakers of affordable trailers, AOSOM is more well known for their line of 2-in-1 baby trailers and strollers.
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DoggyRide Dog Bike TrailersThe original makers of the dog bike trailer and stroller, DoggyRide, is a reliable choice for any pet owner that likes to stay on the move.
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Trailer Room & Comfort

A big misconception about these trailers is that they do not offer a lot of moving room, ventilation, or comfort for a dog, and these misconceptions are simply not true.

In fact, almost all of the available models of bike trailers for dogs are very well ventilated. They offer a lot of space for pets, assuming the correct size is purchased based on the breed of the dog. They also have solid but padded bottoms, which provides a stable and comfortable ride for a pet.

In general, this type of bike carrier is recommended for smaller dogs or aging dogs of almost any size. Larger dogs of any age could ride in a trailer as long as a large enough size is purchased, but it is important to ensure that they will not be too overactive in it.

Aging dogs can rejoin owners on bike rides long after they’re physically able to run alongside with these trailers. Many of them are even great for hauling a variety of types of cargo when they’re not used with pets, but they are not made for children usage. There are also some models that will convert into car seats or even fold away, making trailers and extremely versatile and useful type of dog carrier.

Trailer Reviews

Reviews have been provided below for a variety of the most popular brands of dog bicycle trailers on the market. Browse through these review listings to select the best brand (Solvit, Burley Design, Aosom, Croozer and DoggyRide) for your needs. You can click on any individual brand to read more about them and even see some listings of specific models of trailers available from that brand.

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