Benefits Of Using Dog Bike Basket Seats

The dog bike seat could technically be considered to be either a rear or front basket, although seats are different enough to be worth specific information about them. The main advantage of a bike seat for dogs is that it allows them more space and comfort. For pet owners that are all about equality, it essentially allows their pets to be riding with as much or even more comfort as they are.

What is a Dog Bike Seat?

Most people are familiar with bike baskets for dogs, but they often do not understand the differences between them and seats.

The main differences with dog bike seats are that they are typically wider, offer more cushion, and are much shorter than baskets.

Baskets work by being deep set to keep your pet from falling or jumping out, but a seat removes those boundaries and instead relies on restraints to keep your dog from going anywhere. In many cases, the restraint may be limited to a short leash that is attached to the carrier, which connects to the animal’s collar. However, there are also alternatives that offer a harness based restraint system.

Since a seat does not offer a lot of sides to keep your pet in place, a body harness is often the safest way to go. Even with the standard seats that only offer a short leash to attach to a collar, a dog body harness can still be purchased separately to connect to that leash.

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A collar only restrains a dog by it’s neck, which can be a bad thing when riding on a bicycle because of the potentially quick shifts that may take place in the seat. The body harness style offers core restraint, so it safely keeps your pet securely in place. In many ways, when this type of carrier is used correctly it is often more preferred and even safer than traditional baskets.

Seat Locations & Recommendations

Although there are both front and rear attaching designs available, most of them are typically the rear style because of how they attach to the bike. It is important to look into the specifics concerning where it attaches, especially when heavier animals are involved. Most of the rear attaching designs will connect to the actual frame, which is generally considered the safest option that also has the least potential for damage.

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